Release Notes

v0.43.0 (June 13, 2024)

Highlights of this release are:

  • Support for building against LLVM 15.

  • A fix for refpruning algorithm in specific fanout_raise cases.



v0.42.0 (January 31, 2024)

Highlights of this release include:

  • Support for Python 3.12.

  • A fix for relocation overflows on AArch64 systems.

  • Binding layer: new queries for incoming blocks of phi instructions, type kinds, and elements. Addition of the Instruction Namer pass.

  • IR layer: Support convergent as an attribute of function calls and call instructions.


  • PR #973: Bindings: Query incoming blocks of a phi instruction (tbennun)

  • PR #978: Bindings: Query type kinds, derived types, and elements (tbennun sklam)

  • PR #981: Add Instruction Namer pass to PassManager (tbennun)

  • PR #993: Update changelog on main for 0.41.0 (esc)

  • PR #1005: Remove suggestion that add_global_mapping() is unused (gmarkall)

  • PR #1006: Release Notes 0.41.1 for main (esc)

  • PR #1007: update release checklists post 0.41.1 (esc)

  • PR #1009: Fix relocation overflows by implementing preallocation in the memory manager (gmarkall)

  • PR #1010: Python 3.12 (esc)

  • PR #1012: conda-recipe cleanups (esc)

  • PR #1014: Fix conda-recipe syntax errors from #1012 (esc)

  • PR #1017: add 3.12 to azure (esc)

  • PR #1018: Bump minimum supported Python version to 3.9 (kc611)

  • PR #1019: Add convergent as a supported FunctionAttribute and CallInstrAttribute. (diptorupd)


v0.41.1 (October 17, 2023)

This is a maintenance release that includes a workaround in the test suite for ORCJit issues on the aarch64 platform. Also, this is the last release to support the Windows 32-bit platform (win32).


  • PR #996: fix typos found by codespell (esc)

  • PR #997: Fix issue #880 by ensuring all sources are compiled under FreeBSD. (ke6jjj)

  • PR #998: adding sphinx_rtd_theme to RTD build to fix build (esc)

  • PR #1001: Fix / workaround for OrcJIT blocking issues (gmarkall)


v0.41.0 (September 20, 2023)


  • PR #871: Refactor native library loading (folded sklam)

  • PR #896: drop upper limit on Python for conda recipe (esc)

  • PR #904: Create GitHub Action for llvmlite release (apmasell)

  • PR #934: Expose TargetLibraryInfo pass (sklam)

  • PR #935: Disable zlib for LLVM on Windows (apmasell)

  • PR #936: Enable querying constants and value kinds (tbennun)

  • PR #939: Bump llvmdev build number to include the nozlib change for windows (sklam)

  • PR #940: Update CHANGE_LOG for 0.40.0 final. (stuartarchibald)

  • PR #942: Add ORCJITv2 support (apmasell)

  • PR #951: Add a type hint for IntType.width (apmasell)

  • PR #952: Fix CI failing due to unsupported target triple on non-x86 platforms. (sklam)

  • PR #958: fixup LLVM versions in version compat table (esc)

  • PR #959: Remove support for LLVM < 14 (apmasell)

  • PR #960: add various bullets to release checklists and sync (esc)

  • PR #963: Allow adding comments to generated IR (apmasell)

  • PR #966: build: support building on GNU/Hurd (pinotree)

  • PR #967: Expose library name in OrcJIT tracker (apmasell)

  • PR #968: Update LLVM manual build instructions (apmasell)

  • PR #969: update changelog on main for v0.40.1 (esc)

  • PR #983: adding RTD conf file V2 as per request (esc)

  • PR #985: Update release checklist post 0.41.0rc1 (esc)

  • PR #988: Fix FreeBsd build (sklam)


v0.40.1 (June 21, 2023)



v0.40.0 (May 1, 2023)

This release predominantly upgrades to LLVM 14 and Python 3.11. Bindings to a large number of passes are added. The minimum supported Python version is now Python 3.8.

Note: A bug was discovered in LLVM’s RuntimeDyldELF on the Aarch64 platform that can cause segfaults when cross module symbols are linked. It is necessary for JIT users to build LLVM with the patch added in PR#926.



v0.39.1 (September 1, 2022)

This is a maintenance release to fix build issues on MacOS.


v0.39.0 (July 25, 2022)

This release predominantly adds new features and improves functionality.

  • It’s now possible to directly set LLVM metadata on global variables.

  • Functions and global variables now support the specification of a section in which they should be placed.

  • The attribute source_file had been added to the ModuleRef class, it returns the module’s original file name.

  • The FFI library binding to LLVM is now loaded with importlib to increase compatibility with other projects and improve start-up times.

  • Linux builds now use the parallel option to make to speed up building the FFI library.

  • Preliminary work to expose LLVM’s optimization-remarks interface has been undertaken. The bindings are exposed and tested, but not yet documented for general use (additional work is needed).


  • The llvmlite.llvmpy module has been deprecated as the functionality it provides is available through the module. See the deprecation guide in the user documentation for details and recommendations regarding replacement.



v0.38.1 (May 19, 2022)

This is a maintenance release to support the Apple M1 architecture.



v0.38.0 (January 13, 2022)

This release makes llvmlite compatible with Python 3.10. It also adds an abiname option to the target machine creation interface that mimics the same in LLVM. Further, a large number of functions are added to the IR API to support common uses of constant expressions. Finally, a number of bugs were fixed!



v0.37.0 (August 19, 2021)

The biggest new feature in this release is LLVM 11 support for all platforms! This is important, because the aarch64 platform had been ‘stuck’ on LLVM 9 for several releases. A special thanks to David Spickett from Linaro for supplying the relevant patch.



v0.36.0 (March 11, 2021)

The main feature in this release is Python 3.9 support. Also, some changes to the build scripts were included: the llvmdev recipe now supports compilation on Windows 10 and llvmlite may now be compiled with cmake on POSIX systems. Additionally, both the timings from the LLVM passes themselves and the time spent within the LLVM thread-safe access lock are now available for diagnostic purposes. Lastly, several minor cosmetic changes to the documentation and project files are included.

Pull requests:

  • PR #624: Expose pass timings

  • PR #655: Switch encoding to UTF-8 from latin1

  • PR #662: Delete requirements.txt

  • PR #666: fix rst syntax in install docs

  • PR #668: Modify cmake options to work with VS2019

  • PR #670: Llvmdev windows 10

  • PR #671: Python 3.9 support

  • PR #673: use build 2 on windows

  • PR #677: Support building with CMake on posix systems

  • PR #682: slight rearrangement of intro

  • PR #685: Added fneg instruction

  • PR #687: Cleanup public CI configuration and badge

  • PR #689: fixup azure badge to point at master branch

  • PR #690: Callback to track when the llvm lock is acquired and released

  • PR #699: adapt Python version clamp from Numba

  • PR #701: Improve llvm not found error


  • Graham Markall

  • John Kirkham

  • Peter-Jan Gootzen

  • Siu Kwan Lam (core dev)

  • Stan Seibert (core dev)

  • Stuart Archibald (core dev)

  • Uwe L. Korn

  • Valentin Haenel (core dev)

  • @ARF1

  • @abebeos

  • @0x5h4un

v0.35.0 (November 30, 2020)

The main feature in this release is a Numba specific LLVM pass for pruning reference-count operations. We plan to generalize this custom LLVM pass once it is proven stable so that it can be configured for other uses. In addition, this release contains an updated SVML patch that fixes an issue for AVX512, and a patch that fixes build issues on Linux and BSD.

Pull requests:

  • PR #617: Fix wheel building.

  • PR #618: Fix changelog on master

  • PR #626: Update SVML patch

  • PR #627: Always build with -fPIC on Linux and BSD

  • PR #633: Fix Issue #632 - obj file section contents truncated

  • PR #634: Implement reference count pruner LLVM pass

  • PR #635: Fixes #629: Default to 0 if None is passed as a value for Int32

  • PR #637: Fix appveyor

  • PR #640: Backport llvm refop pass for LLVM 9.

  • PR #641: fix llvmdev build number

  • PR #642: pin to correct version of llvmdev

  • PR #644: Fix refprune fanout_raise case getting stuck on large graphs

  • PR #647: Add support for general attrs on call and loop-rotate pass


  • Graham Markall

  • Ivan Butygin

  • NavyaZaveri

  • Siu Kwan Lam (core dev)

  • Stuart Archibald (core dev)

  • Valentin Haenel (core dev)

v0.34.0 (August 12, 2020)

This release upgrades to LLVM 10 (10.0.1) for all platforms except aarch64 which will remain at LLVM 9 (9.0.1).

Pull requests:

  • PR #596: Use std::make_unique on LLVM 10 (Cherry-Pick via #599)

  • PR #606: Revert “Fix CUDA with LLVM9” (Cherry-Pick via #599)

  • PR #599: LLVM 10

  • PR #598: Fix flake in

  • PR #602: add missing targets to wheels

  • PR #614: Fix wheel building

  • PR #616: fix release date in changelog


  • Graham Markall

  • Michał Górny

  • Siu Kwan Lam (core dev)

  • Stuart Archibald (core dev)

  • Valentin Haenel (core dev)

v0.33.0 (June 10, 2020)

This release upgrades to LLVM 9 and drops support for older LLVM versions.

Pull requests:

  • PR #593: Fix CUDA with LLVM9

  • PR #592: Fix meta.yaml

  • PR #591: buildscripts: Unpin wheel

  • PR #590: add python_requires to

  • PR #582: Adds override for LLVM version check, re-formats docs.

  • PR #581: Add FAQ entry on LLVM version support.

  • PR #580: Trove classifiers may be out of date.

  • PR #577: llvmlite wheel building fixes

  • PR #575: Update the release date

  • PR #548: Upgrade to LLVM9

  • PR #521: Allow instructions to be removed from blocks


  • Graham Markall

  • Jan Vesely

  • Siu Kwan Lam (core dev)

  • Stuart Archibald (core dev)

  • Tim Babb

  • Valentin Haenel (core dev)

v0.32.1 (May 7, 2020)

This is a small patch release that addresses some packaging issues:

Pull requests:

  • PR 580: Trove classifiers may be out of date.

  • PR 581: Add FAQ entry on LLVM version support.

  • PR 582: Adds override for LLVM version check, re-formats docs.


  • Stuart Archibald (core dev)

  • Valentin Haenel (core dev)

v0.32.0 (Apr 16, 2020)

The main changes in this release are the removal of specific code for Python 2 and Python <3.6, and making the code base PEP8 compliant.

Pull requests:

  • PR #577: llvmlite wheel building fixes

  • PR #560: ENH: Better error message

  • PR #558: update install docs

  • PR #556: binding: Allow empty features list

  • PR #555: travis: Cleanup

  • PR #554: azure-pipelines: Bump VM images.

  • PR #552: Add paragraph on installing from sdist and on non-traditional platforms.

  • PR #551: Remove python 2, python < 3.6, fix up, add flake8

  • PR #549: Miscalled method and missing parameter in the documentation

  • PR #547: Permit building on Visual Studio 2017

  • PR #543: Update error message in LLVM version check.

  • PR #540: update to final release date for 0.31.0


  • Arik Funke

  • Eric Larson

  • Jan Vesely

  • Shan Sikdar

  • Siu Kwan Lam (core dev)

  • Stan Seibert (core dev)

  • Stuart Archibald (core dev)

  • Vladislav Hrčka

v0.31.0 (Jan 2, 2020)

This release switches memset/memcpy to use the 4 argument style as per LLVM 7+ and updates some documentation.


  • PR #485: Revert “Revert “LLVM 7 changed memset intrinsic signature, adjust it””

  • PR #520: Begin development of 0.31.0

  • PR #528: Add cttz and ctlz to irbuilder docs.

  • PR #533: Update deprecation docs with full deprecation of 5 arg memset/memcpy

  • PR #535: Update docs to not report LLVM 3.8 as latest!


  • Isaac Virshup

  • Siu Kwan Lam (core dev)

  • Stuart Archibald (core dev)

v0.30.0 (Oct 9, 2019)

This release adds support for half-precision float and schedules the deprecation of memset/memcpy accepting 5 arguments (cf. LLVM change).

  • PR #518: Fix use of -fPIC flag in wheels

  • PR #513: Remove restriction on sphinx version from Anaconda distro

  • PR #512: fix for block labels which contain “interesting” characters

  • PR #511: Deprecate the use of memset/memcpy with alias

  • PR #510: Add fp16 Intrinsics

  • PR #509: Add Half-Precision Type

  • PR #502: Add -fPIC flag for manylinux1 wheel building

  • PR #491: Fix incorrect hierarchy in the documentation for ir.Constant.

  • PR #474: Update docs

  • PR #470: Fix leak on string returning APIs.

v0.29.0 (May 29, 2019)

This release upgrades to LLVM 8.0 for all supported platforms except PPC64LE. Due to numerous problems with LLVM 8.0 running on PPC64LE, we have decided to use LLVM 7.1, which is more stable on PPC64LE. In addition, non-host LLVM targets, AMDGPU, NVPTX, and WebAssembly, are enabled and they are available in our llvmlite builds.

  • PR #484: Revert “LLVM 7 changed memset intrinsic signature, adjust it”

  • PR #483: Depend on enum34 using PEP 508 environment markers

  • PR #478: Upgrade to llvm8

  • PR #469: Support loading from current directory and egg files

  • PR #467: Add missing fastmath flags from LLVM 7

  • PR #460: LLVM 7 changed memset intrinsic signature, adjust it

v0.28.0 (Mar 12, 2019)

This release adds a number of community contributed features, including support for vector types, as well as atomic loads and stores.

  • PR #322: Adding Vector Type

  • PR #389: Add symbols from static object files

  • PR #417: Add support for atomic loads/stores

  • PR #422: Normalize replace_* behaviour and add docs

  • PR #426: Fix pickling of IR functions and add tests

  • PR #444: Setup manylinux1 buildscripts and CI

  • PR #446: Document need for -p1 argument to patch command

  • PR #448: Fix “SyntaxWarning: invalid escape sequence d”

  • PR #449: Consolidate the two vector type PRs

  • PR #452: Some adjustments to pr426

  • PR #454: Truncate long label names when adding label suffix.

  • PR #458: Add changelog info about v0.27.1

v0.27.1 (Feb 1, 2019)

Bugfix release for invalid wheel hash for OSX packages. No change to source code.

v0.27.0 (Dec 28, 2018)

This release updates llvmlite to LLVM 7. Note that LLVM 7.0.0 contains a critical bug that is resolved with a patch included in the llvmdev conda package recipe. The final release of LLVM 7.0.1 may also resolve the issue.

  • PR #434: Add another thread for RPi builds.

  • PR #430: llvm lld integration, merge #428

  • PR #428: Build LLD as part of the llvmdev package

  • PR #413: Set up CI with Azure Pipelines

  • PR #412: LLVM 7 support

v0.26.0 (Nov 27, 2018)

The primary new features in this release is support for generation of Intel JIT events, which makes profiling of JIT compiled code in Intel VTune possible. This release also contains some minor build improvements for ARMv7, and some small fixes.

LLVM 7 support was originally slated for this release, but had to be delayed after some issues arose in testing. LLVM 6 is still required for llvmlite.

  • PR #409: Use native cmake on armv7l

  • PR #407: Throttle thread count for llvm build on armv7l.

  • PR #403: Add shutdown detection to ObjectRef __del__ method.

  • PR #400: conda recipe: add make as build dep

  • PR #399: Add get_element_offset to TargetData

  • PR #398: Fix gep method call on Constant objects

  • PR #395: Fix typo in irbuilder documentation

  • PR #394: Enable IntelJIT events for LLVM for VTune support

v0.25.0 (Sep 18, 2018)

This release adds support for the FMA instruction, and has some documentation and build improvements. Starting with this release, we are including ARMv8 (AArch64) testig in our CI process.

  • PR #391: Fix broken win32 py2.7 build.

  • PR #387: protect against empty features in list

  • PR #384: Read CMAKE_GENERATOR which conda-build sets

  • PR #382: rewrite of install instructions, calling out LLVM build challenges

  • PR #380: Add FMA intrinsic support

  • PR #379: ARM aarch64 test on jetson tx2

  • PR #378: add slack, drop flowdock

v0.24.0 (Jul 6, 2018)

This release adds support for Python 3.7 and fixes some build issues. It also contains an updated SVML patch for the llvmdev package that works around some vectorization issues. It also adds a selective LLVM 6.0.1 llvmdev build for the ppc64le architecture.

  • PR #374: Fix up broken patch selector

  • PR #373: Add long description from readme

  • PR #371: LLVM 6.0.1 build based on RC and fixes for PPC64LE

  • PR #369: Recipe fixes for Conda Build 3

  • PR #363: Workaround for incorrect vectorization factor computed for SVML functions

  • PR #356: fix build on OpenBSD.

  • PR #351: Python 3.7 compat: Properly escape repl in re.sub

v0.23.2 (Jun 1, 2018)

This is a bug fix release to assist in addressing a critical Numba issue that can affect users who download llvmlite packages from sources other than PyPI (pip), Anaconda, or Intel Python:

Support for SVML is now detected at compile time and baked into a function that is exposed by llvmlite. This function can be queried at runtime to find out if SVML is supported by the LLVM that llvmlite was compiled against, code generation paths can then be adjusted accordingly.

The following PRs are closed in this release:

  • PR #361: Add SVML detection and a function to declare support.

v0.23.1 (May 17, 2018)

This is a minor patch release that includes no code changes. It is issued to fix a couple of problems with the build recipes for llvmdev (on which llvmlite relies).

The following PRs are closed in this release:

  • PR #353: PR Fix llvmdev build recipe.

  • PR #348: llvmdev: enhancements to conda recipe

v0.23.0 (Apr 24, 2018)

In this release, we upgrade to LLVM 6. Two LLVM patches are added:

  1. A patch to fix LLVM bug ( that causes undefined behavior during CFG printing.

  2. A patch to enable Intel SVML auto-vectorization of transcendentals.

The following PRs are closed in this release:

  • PR #343: Fix undefined behavior bug due to Twine usage in LLVM

  • PR #340: This moves llvmlite to use LLVM 6.0.0 as its backend.

  • PR #339: Add cttz & ctlz

  • PR #338: Add 3 Bit Manipulation Intrinsics

  • PR #330: Add support for LLVM fence instruction

  • PR #326: Enable Intel SVML-enabled auto-vectorization for all the


v0.22.0 (Feb 15, 2018)

In this release, we have changed the locking strategy that protects LLVM from race conditions. Before, the llvmlite user (like Numba) was responsible for this locking. Now, llvmlite imposes a global thread lock on all calls into the LLVM API. This should be significantly less error prone. Future llvmlite releases may manually exempt some functions from locking once they are determined to be thread-safe.

The following PRs are closed in this release:

  • PR#318: Ensuring threadsafety in concurrent usage of LLVM C-API

  • PR#221: Add all function/return value attributes from LLVM 3.9

  • PR#304: Expose support for static constructors/destructors

v0.21.0 (Dec 6, 2017)

In this release, we upgrade to LLVM 5. Our build scripts now use conda-build 3. For our prebuilt binaries, GCC 7 toolchain is used on unix-like systems and the OSX minimum deployment target is 10.9.

The following PRs are closed in this release:

  • PR #315: Updates for conda build 3.

  • PR #307: Fixes for LLVM5.

  • PR #306: Working towards LLVM 5.0 support.

v0.20.0 (Sep 6, 2017)

Beginning with this minor release, we support wheels for Linux, OSX and Windows. Pull requests related to enabling wheels are #294, #295, #296 and #297. There are also fixes to the documentation (#283 and #289).

v0.19.0 (Jul 6, 2017)

This is a minor release with the following fixes.

  • PR #281, Issue #280: Fix GEP addrspace issue

  • PR #279: Fix #274 addrspace in gep

  • PR #278: add Readthedocs badge

  • PR #275: Add variables to pass through when doing conda-build

  • PR #273: Fix the behavior of module.get_global

  • PR #272: cmpop contains comparison type, not lhs

  • PR #268, Fix #267: Support packed struct

The following are CI build related changes:

  • PR #277: Add pass through gcc flags for llvmdev

  • PR #276: Remove jenkins build scripts

v0.18.0 (May 4, 2017)

This is a minor release that fixes several issues (#263, #262, #258, #237) with the wheel build. In addition, we have minor fixes for running on PPC64LE platforms (#261). And, we added CI testing against PyPy (#253).

v0.17.1 (Apr 12, 2017)

This is a bugfix release that addresses issue #258 that our LLVM binding shared library is missing from the wheel builds.

v0.17.0 (Apr 9, 2017)

In this release, we are upgrading to LLVM 4.0. We are also starting to provide wheel packages for 64-bit Linux platforms (manylinux).


  • Issue #249, PR #250: Disable static linking of libstdc++ by default.


  • PR #246: Add requirements.txt for pip dependency resolving

  • PR #238: LLVM 4.0

  • PR #222: Enable wheel builds

v0.16.0 (Feb 16, 2017)

API changes:

  • Switched from LLVM 3.8 to 3.9

  • TargetData.add_pass is removed in LLVM 3.9.


  • PR #239: Enable fastmath flags

  • PR #233: Updates for llvm3.9.1

  • PR #199: Update for changes in LLVM 3.9


  • PR #236: Fix metadata with long value

  • PR #231: Fix for Python2.7 so that pip auto installs dependencies

  • PR #226: Fix get_host_cpu_features() so that it fails properly

v0.15.0 (Dec 20, 2016)


  • PR #213: Add partial LLVM bindings for ObjectFile.

  • PR #215: Add inline assembly helpers in the builder.

  • PR #216: Allow specifying alignment in alloca instructions.

  • PR #219: Remove unnecessary verify in module linkage.


  • PR #209, Issue #208: Fix overly restrictive test for library filenames.

v0.14.0 (Oct 17, 2016)


  • PR #104: Add binding to get and view function control-flow graph.

  • PR #210: Improve llvmdev recipe.

  • PR #212: Add initializer for the native assembly parser.

v0.13.0 (Aug 24, 2016)


  • PR #176: Switch from LLVM 3.7 to LLVM 3.8.

  • PR #191: Allow setting the alignment of a global variable.

  • PR #198: Add missing function attributes.

  • PR #160: Escape the contents of metadata strings, to allow embedding any characters.

  • PR #162: Add support for creating debug information nodes.

  • PR #200: Improve the usability of metadata emission APIs.

  • PR #200: Allow calling functions with metadata arguments (such as @llvm.dbg.declare).


  • PR #190: Suppress optimization remarks printed out in some cases by LLVM.

  • PR #200: Allow attaching metadata to a ret instruction.

v0.12.1 (Jul 12, 2016)

New release to fix packages on PyPI. Same as v0.12.0.

v0.12.0 (Jul 6, 2016)


  • PR #179: Let llvmlite build on armv7l Linux.

  • PR #161: Allow adding metadata to functions.

  • PR #163: Allow emitting fast-math fcmp instructions.

  • PR #159: Allow emitting verbose assembly in TargetMachine.


  • Issue #177: Make compatible with pip install.

v0.11.0 (May 19, 2016)


  • PR #175: Check LLVM version at build time

  • PR #169: Default initializer for non-external global variable

  • PR #168: add ir.Constant.literal_array()

v0.10.0 (Mar 31, 2016)


  • PR #146: Improve clean to wipe more leftovers.

  • PR #135: Remove some llvmpy compatibility APIs.

  • PR #151: Always copy TargetData when adding to a pass manager.

  • PR #148: Make errors more explicit on loading the binding DLL.

  • PR #144: Allow overriding -flto in Linux builds.

  • PR #136: Remove Python 2.6 and 3.3 compatibility.

  • Issue #131: Allow easier creation of constants by making type instances callable.

  • Issue #130: The test suite now ensures the runtime DLL dependencies are within a certain expected set.

  • Issue #121: Simplify build process on Unix and remove hardcoded linking with LLVMOProfileJIT.

  • Issue #125: Speed up formatting of raw array constants.


  • PR #155: Properly emit IR for metadata null.

  • PR #153: Remove deprecated uses of TargetMachine::getDataLayout().

  • PR #156: Move personality from LandingPadInstr to FunctionAttributes. It was moved in LLVM 3.7.

  • PR #149: Implement LLVM scoping correctly.

  • PR #141: Ensure no CMakeCache.txt file is included in sdist.

  • PR #132: Correct constant in example.

v0.9.0 (Feb 29, 2016)


  • PR #73: Add get_process_triple() and get_host_cpu_features()

  • Switch from LLVM 3.6 to LLVM 3.7. The generated IR for some memory operations has changed.

  • Improved performance of IR serialization.

  • Issue #116: improve error message when the operands of a binop have differing types.

  • PR #113: Let Type.get_abi_{size,alignment} not choke on identified types.

  • PR #112: Support non-alphanumeric characters in type names.


  • Remove the libcurses dependency on Linux.

v0.8.0 (Oct 23, 2015)

  • Update LLVM to 3.6.2

  • Add an align parameter to IRBuilder.load() and

  • Allow setting visibility, DLL storageclass of ValueRef

  • Support profiling with OProfile

v0.7.0 (Aug 31, 2015)

  • PR #88: Provide hooks into the MCJIT object cache

  • PR #87: Add indirect branches and exception handling APIs to ir.Builder.

  • PR #86: Add ir.Builder APIs for integer arithmetic with overflow

  • Issue #76: Fix non-Windows builds when LLVM was built using CMake

  • Deprecate .get_pointer_to_global() and add .get_function_address() and .get_global_value_address() in ExecutionEngine.

v0.6.0 (Jun 30, 2015)


  • Switch from LLVM 3.5 to LLVM 3.6. The generated IR for metadata nodes has slightly changed, and the “old JIT” engine has been remove (only MCJIT is now available).

  • Add an optional flags argument to arithmetic instructions on IRBuilder.

  • Support attributes on the return type of a function.

v0.5.1 (Jun 8, 2015)


  • Fix implicit termination of basic block in nested if_then()

v0.5.0 (May 27, 2015)

New documentation hosted at


  • Add code-generation helpers from numba.cgutils

  • Support for memset, memcpy, memmove intrinsics


  • Fix string encoding problem when round-triping parse_assembly()

v0.4.0 (Mar 30, 2015)


  • Add Module.get_global()

  • Renamd Module.global_variables to Module.global_values

  • Support loading library parmanently

  • Add Type.get_abi_alignment()


  • Expose LLVM version as a tuple

Patched LLVM 3.5.1: Updated to 3.5.1 with the same ELF relocation patched for v0.2.2.

v0.2.2 (Jan 29, 2015)


  • Support for addrspacescast

  • Support for tail call, calling convention attribute

  • Support for IdentifiedStructType


  • GEP addrspace propagation

  • Various installation process fixes

Patched LLVM 3.5: The binaries from the numba binstar channel use a patched LLVM3.5 for fixing a LLVM ELF relocation bug that is caused by the use of 32-bit relative offset in 64-bit binaries. The problem appears to occur more often on hardened kernels, like in CentOS. The patched source code is available at:

v0.2.0 (Dec 16, 2014)

This is the first official release. It contains a few feature additions and bug fixes. It meets all requirements to replace llvmpy in numba and numbapro.

v0.1.0 (Nov 13, 2014)

This is the first release. This is released for beta testing llvmlite and numba before the official release.